Motorcycle Social

We are excited to be launching our new Moto Boots at the Motorcycle Social on the weekend of 28-29 July at Canal Mills in Leeds.

Ed has been riding motorcycles since he was expelled from school and had to get to a new place of education, under his own steam some distance from home. Every cloud has a silver dream machine lining!

Most motorcycle boots look like something that the Power Rangers would wear. We didn’t want that, we wanted something that Steve McQueen would wear. And that’s exactly what we were told that William Lennon & Co. could make for us. They are England’s last remaining traditional heavy bootmaker. They used to make quarrymen, lead miners and shepherds boots and luckily they still do. With their help we designed the HebTroCo Moto Boot. It’s a stout and sturdy work boot that can be worn for a variety of activities including motorcycling, hiking the hills and visiting pubs. Good for dancing in barns as well by all accounts.

The Motorcycle Social will be a great northern social gathering of moto fiends. There will be custom cafe racers, street trackers and choppers on display and there will be stands from some top bike building talent. Artists, clothing brands and others catering for the new motorcycle culture will be there too and there will be bands, street food and craft beer from local breweries.

HebTroCo will have a pop up shop / hang out zone with vinyl spinning through our PA and places to sit. We’ll have boots to try on and our full range of trousers and belts to check out.

See you there.


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