Founder Stories – Cristofer Morante

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Mark Twain

Or as my grandad put it, “You don’t want to be like every other fucker.”

He was born the son of a farmer in the mountains of Cyprus and came to England on a boat in the fifties. He built businesses which are still providing for my family today, and met his Italian wife in Halifax where my mother was born. My father was born in Southern Italy and his parents came to England to work in the cotton industry.

I’m twenty years old and live in Lancashire. After college I had a year out in which I spent time in Cyprus and Italy. On my return I began to study personal training and am now fully qualified. I briefly went to university before deciding that it wasn’t for me.


I worked as a barista through last year. It’s only natural that I like coffee. I felt I’d learnt as much from the job as I could so I finished on the 31st of December. I can see myself as the owner of a coffee shop, just like my grandad.


At present, I’m in the process of getting my motorbike license and am setting up a website to showcase my portfolio of reportage photography. I use my camera to document what happens around me and am going to offer photojournalism services for people working on projects that deserve recording.


I found out about HebTroCo through my barbershop. We’re making a photobook about North West Barber Co. to be released this year. The sense of community there is something unique.

I backed the Kickstarter to support two men doing good things for their town and for industry in the north of England, and because I knew the trousers would be something special. They really are too. Not only are they the best pair I have owned to date, I’m confident that I’m not going to find any that can compete. I pretty much live in them.


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