Men of Hebden #3 Mr Raven

With SATS tests for Primary schools at an end we thought it fitting to feature one of our local heroes. Mr Raven is one of those inspiring teachers that children will probably remember for the rest of their lives. He works at Riverside School in Hebden Bridge, where since the floods of Boxing Day last year, staff and children have had to go about their work in a building site. Yorkshire spirit always prevails of course and as we head towards summer the school is getting back towards normal. Here, in his own words, is Mr Raven’s life story in trousers.

Growing up on the south east coast of England didn’t leave me with me many choices…by 11 track suit bottoms were a staple more comfort than fashion.

Slowly I transitioned to an indigo denim. At eighteen I made the treacherous journey, guitar in hand, up the M6. Manchester became my new home and the baggy two stripe my uniform.

Long nights out dancing to Dischord in Jillys were soon replaced by coffee house gigs as new folk took its hold. The denim remained, but black was the colour and the fit had to be just right.

My shoes got more pointy and the jeans much tighter. Manchester was done, London beckoned. Then, things all changed and Liverpool swooped in.

A new chapter: a degree in music, a haircut and a job in Fred Perry – the Prince of Wales Print trouser was now my weapon of choice.

Goldsmiths said yes, taught me to teach and how to wear chinos.


The last few years have flown.

Marriage: tapered tweed.

A beautiful son (shorts made out of the old chinos).

And now to Trouser Town. Teaching, exploring, growing and time for some proper trousers.


Andrew Raven

Mr Raven wears C60 Needlecord in Black

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