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Sizing Guide – Trousers

Most trouser companies lie to you but we don’t. Our sizing is exact.

Grab your favourite pair of jeans or trousers and a tape measure. Be prepared for a shock, as most jeans are “vanity” sized. Ours are not. Study the photo below, note down the measurement and double each number. Typically we see most jeans are labelled up to 2in smaller than the real size. So 32in waist jeans from some brands actually measure the same as a 34in HebTroCo trouser.

Compare your numbers with our sizes to make sure you get the right HebTroCo trousers.

For leg length please bear in mind that 177 moleskin and C60 corduroy trousers may shrink up to half an inch in length upon first washing. Waist size not affected. GVNR linen/cotton trousers are pre-shrunk and will not change.

But measure them properly! Not like this…

Don't measure the waist like this!

Measure them like this (below) – pulling the waist band tight… The 16in dimension below indicates these are our 32in trousers (2×16=32). Note that trousers will “give” a little in the first few days if they are a bit tight on you from new. Compare this to high street trousers means that if you take a 34in High Street trouser you may well need a 36in HebTroCo due to our “true” sizing. Perhaps more if you wear stretch trousers!

Measure the waist like this

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