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Sometimes stuff just happens. Good stuff rarely happens on its own. It happens when good people try hard. And that’s what we have here – these articles are about things that have happened. And will happen.


No Free Shipping. No Free Returns.

  A customer wrote to us, telling us that he had been put off ordering a pair of our new Moto Boots. I have 2 pairs of your trousers and really love what you are making. After much deliberation I intended to buy a pair of Moto boots – deliberation because they are so expensive […]

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Toasted Bacon Sandwich

Everyone has certain foods they go to in times of crisis. For us, it’s probably the Morrisons Toasted Bacon Sandwich. There’s just one problem with us telling you that. It’s not actually on the menu at Morrisons. They make a Bacon Sandwich. Oh yes, that’s there. And for a lot of people that’s fine. But […]

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The Next Step

Our stuff is made to last in the North of England, just for us. Strong heavyweight products from where we’re from. Our boots reflect our desire for durability, quality, style and tradition. We started our company with trousers because that’s what our local town was famous for making. Then we added belts, hand made by […]

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Motorcycle Social

The Motorcycle Social is a two day indoor exhibition, celebrating and showcasing the best of the ever growing new wave custom motorcycle scene. Spanning across Canal Mill’s brutalist industrial interior, the exhibition will be showing the best of British custom motorcycles. With beautifully built machines, music, art and photography all under one roof, the Motorcycle […]

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Magic Mushrooms

Making trousers creates waste. It’s unavoidable. Offcuts from cloth, thread, packing materials all mount up and we didn’t want to just throw it in a hole in the ground. We’ve passed on lots of the bigger pieces of offcut pieces of fabric to local crafts people, but we wanted to do more. And we have. […]

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Big Toys and Big Boys

For Kev Baldwin, trousers and trouser-related problems have been ever present throughout his life.  As an unusually tall child he can remember being taken to a trouser factory in Hebden Bridge to have a pair of trousers tailor made for a family wedding. Fast forward 40 years and 6’5″ Kev is wearing a pair of trousers made […]

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The Trousercycle has been our salvation. The Calder Valley can get congested. It’s steep sides seem to seek to inhibit inhabitants from moving efficiently at times. Certainly traffic congestion is an issue for residents in motor vehicles. Thankfully we don’t suffer. Inherited from our web designer Shaun, the Trousercycle has become an essential part of […]

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When Santa Cruz came to Trousertown

We ride bikes. We’ve been riding bikes together for years, and worked with several brands developing and designing bikes for them in the last 10 years. World leading hardtail mountain bikes that were tagged as “too extreme” before being adopted years later by the mainstream, strange big wheeled full suspension bikes that followed a similar […]

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Gaddings Dam is a remote relic of the industrial revolution, high on the Pennine Moors. In summer it’s popular for swimming. But in winter? brant went to find out. He took his warm trousers.

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James Brown came to town

It was great to see James Brown in Trouser Town this week. James was editor of the NME and Loaded magazine back in the ’90’s, and was passing through Hebden Bridge on the way to a football match. So he popped in to see us and try on trousers, drink tea and chat, before heading […]

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Women of Hebden #1 Liz

Liz Paton is a bar tender and one of the managers at the Old Gate in Hebden Bridge, birth place of HebTroCo. “I know beer. I know beer so well in fact that I’ve lost count of the amount of times an older gent has told me ‘with knowledge like that you’d make a great […]

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Try-On and buy from North West Barber Co

A full size range of HebTroCo trousers is now available to try on at North West Barber Co, 19-21 Wellgate, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 2DP. We ran a pop up shop there recently to launch our partnership, taking some trousers and the decks along for a day of hair cutting, record playing, trouser trying and general good […]

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On the 26th of January 2016, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to help start HebTroCo. In this video, some of our Founders – the people who bought from that initial campaign – talk about why they wanted to support us. Thanks to all 176 people who bought on that day, and the hundreds who have […]

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HebTroCo X North West Barber Co

We’ve had a close relationship with NWBC since day one and we’ve always wanted to have a range of our trousers in the barber’s shop for people to try on and buy. Now it’s going to happen. As well as this launch we are celebrating our 1st birthday and the new Clitheroe location for the […]

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Radio Leeds

Listeners to Radio Leeds on Saturday morning wouldn’t have expected us to be in their ears – we got offered the chance to go and talk trousers to Johnny I’Anson (he’s not Lisa’s brother). You can hear us from the 1hr 40min mark – http://bbc.in/2iNs6zw

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