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Can you dig it?

‘Slow fashion’ is a thing apparently. It involves making products that last and are not disposable, which is certainly something we believe in. As a small business, selling quality goods manufactured in Britain, products take time to come to market and we joked that we would’t launch our shorts until Christmas. We’ve amazed ourselves though and the […]

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The Printing Bike

Making trousers in Britain is not easy. The skills and machinery to do this is slipping away. Finding authentic English fabrics is becoming difficult. Doing things right isn’t easy. But it’s worth it. It’s a thread that we find in many industries. Beer is one. We spend a lot of time with beer. But there […]

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Pig and Barrel

Hebden Bridge is a remarkable place that’s remarkably placed. It’s where we’re from. Tucked in a valley in the heart of the South Pennines, the town is a convergence for rivers, canals and railways, and gathers people from surrounding areas, many of whom arrive in town by railway at our wonderful local station. The station […]

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Toasted Bacon Sandwich

Everyone has certain foods they go to in times of crisis. For us, it’s probably the Morrisons Toasted Bacon Sandwich. There’s just one problem with us telling you that. It’s not actually on the menu at Morrisons. They make a Bacon Sandwich. Oh yes, that’s there. And for a lot of people that’s fine. But […]

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The Next Step

Our stuff is made to last in the North of England, just for us. Strong heavyweight products from where we’re from. Our boots reflect our desire for durability, quality, style and tradition. We started our company with trousers because that’s what our local town was famous for making. Then we added belts, hand made by […]

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Motorcycle Social

The Motorcycle Social is a two day indoor exhibition, celebrating and showcasing the best of the ever growing new wave custom motorcycle scene. Spanning across Canal Mill’s brutalist industrial interior, the exhibition will be showing the best of British custom motorcycles. With beautifully built machines, music, art and photography all under one roof, the Motorcycle […]

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Magic Mushrooms

Making trousers creates waste. It’s unavoidable. Offcuts from cloth, thread, packing materials all mount up and we didn’t want to just throw it in a hole in the ground. We’ve passed on lots of the bigger pieces of offcut pieces of fabric to local crafts people, but we wanted to do more. And we have. […]

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Big Toys and Big Boys

For Kev Baldwin, trousers and trouser-related problems have been ever present throughout his life.  As an unusually tall child he can remember being taken to a trouser factory in Hebden Bridge to have a pair of trousers tailor made for a family wedding. Fast forward 40 years and 6’5″ Kev is wearing a pair of trousers made […]

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