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Toasted Bacon Sandwich

Everyone has certain foods they go to in times of crisis. For us, it’s probably the Morrisons Toasted Bacon Sandwich. There’s just one problem with us telling you that. It’s not actually on the menu at Morrisons.

They make a Bacon Sandwich. Oh yes, that’s there. And for a lot of people that’s fine. But seemingly no Toasted Bacon Sandwich. Not any more. Which is a shame. Because the Toasted Bacon Sandwich is an amazing thing. It has kept us together, fed us, entertained us, pulled us out of holes for the last year and a bit, and before that. When it was actually available. Which thankfully it still is.

Why so good? Well, it’s a remarkable creation. Cheap white bread, smeared with butter, cheap grilled bacon, cut in half. It’s a magnificent concoction that really needs a double helping to get really on top of a bad day, or following a big night. And enjoyed with a pot of extra strength tea. Not that we would approve of you borrowing a teabag from another teapot to make your tea twice as strong. No.

Even though the Toasted Bacon Sandwich vanished from the menu well over a year ago, the amazing staff in Todmorden Morrisons let us in on the secret. You can still get a Toasted Bacon Sandwich, and it’s quite simple. You order a Bacon Sandwich. Then pay 10p to get it toasted!

Easy! It’s not listed on the menu but it’s there if you ask. Which is like a lot of things in life. We don’t mean to get too philosophical, but sometimes if it’s not how you want it, why not ask, or question it?

We don’t make Toasted Bacon Sandwiches at HebTroCo, but if you want something you can’t see, then do ask.

For instance – Want your trousers cut to a specific length? Try our Custom Hemming Service.

Yes – it will cost a bit more, but if you want it, it’s worth it. Even if you have to wait a while and drink lots of tea until they turn up. Cheers!

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