The Next Step

Our stuff is made to last in the North of England, just for us. Strong heavyweight products from where we’re from. Our boots reflect our desire for durability, quality, style and tradition.
We started our company with trousers. Then we added belts. The next step was obvious.
Our boots are tough with heavyweight work boot construction, which has proven itself over centuries on farms, in quarries and forges. Leather from British tanneries, manufactured by the country’s last remaining traditional heavy boot maker, William Lennon & Co. who are based in the Derbyshire Peak District. This factory started production in 1899 and the great-grandchildren of the founder are still running and working in the business.
We wanted boots to suit our lives, and we wanted them to stand up to a beating. So, replaceable soles, toughened panels, and a construction that shapes to your body over time just like our trousers do.

Traditional doesn’t have to mean old fashioned. Function doesn’t have to mean style-free. Unadorned with gimmicks, the HebTroCo boots are understated, built to last and unique to us. They are not available anywhere else. We offer two models – The Moto Boot and the Chukka Boot.


Cut from sheet leather, stitched on machines older than our grandparents, our boots take shape, one at a time. Time served crafts people, doing a job that’s been handed down for generations, using machines and equipment that’s irreplaceable and unique. From antique machines that screw the sole together with threaded brass wire, to own-made hand tools that do that one job just right.

Moto Boot

Starting with a black oiled suede, tanned in Leeds, the Moto book is a 7 hole work boot that’s designed for heavy use, and available with option patches for gear shifter protection for motorcycle use. Leather laces close the boot over a half bellows tongue.
A one piece moulded Vibram sole is screwed and bonded to the leather through sole. It’s a traditional construction that allows replaceability and durability, predating the cheaper more modern welted construction.

Chukka Boot

A three hole boot made of Yorkshire tanned, waxy wheatbuck leather. A triple leather sole is screwed to a low cut upper, with laces in red cotton or brown leather.
 The Dainite Logger sole is a British made replaceable two piece sole that’s bonded in place for total replaceability.

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