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Magic Mushrooms

Making trousers creates waste. It’s unavoidable. Offcuts from cloth, thread, packing materials all mount up and we didn’t want to just throw it in a hole in the ground. We’ve passed on lots of the bigger pieces of offcut pieces of fabric to local crafts people, but we wanted to do more.

And we have. With the power of Rooting and Fruiting – a local company who grow edible mushrooms using suitable forms of industrial waste.

Mixing corduroy offcuts with coffee grounds, then holding them in a special bag with the right conditions, mixing with the right spores, mushrooms will grow! And because all our cloth is made using Okeo Tex 100 approved process, we know there’s no issue in growing edible plants in the cloth – there are no nasties hiding in there, unlike some other sorts of fabric.


It’s early days, but the fruits of their labours are plain to see.

We’ll keep you posted on developments, but right now we’re off to have a stir-fry for lunch.


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