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The Trousercycle has been our salvation. The Calder Valley can get congested. It’s steep sides seem to seek to inhibit inhabitants from moving efficiently at times. Certainly traffic congestion is an issue for residents in motor vehicles. Thankfully we don’t suffer.

Inherited from our web designer Shaun, the Trousercycle has become an essential part of HebTroCo logisitics, ferrying brant to work daily, and taking trousers to the post office at the end of the day.

Built around a Specialized Stumpjumper Comp frame of (we think) 1989 or earlier vintage, with an Xtracycle bolt on back end to provide cargo hauling potential.

We’ve been using it for a few months now, and it’s quite remarkable in its load lugging potential, and speed through the valley bottom. It can outpace any car from our unit to the post office. The trip is 3.1 miles by road in the car but can be done in under 9mins on the Trousercycle.

Front to back it’s a retro lovers dream.

Specialized Lugged Frameset

Lugged frame with double butted chromoly tubing, frame and fork. Is that a sticker or a crack?


Pace RC50 composite front hub

A retrolovers dream, from the mind of the genius engineers at Pace. Made in Yorkshire from delrin and aerospace aluminium. Held in place with a Salsa Rasta front squewer.


Pace Extruder Groove Chainrings

Pace made chainrings too back in the day. We have a Shimano triple chainset fitted with a nice low low and a nice high high.


Selle Italia Flite Titanium Saddle

The original and best saddle, with the Kevlar corners to stop it getting scuffed when leaning outside Satnams.


SRAM Rocket Gripshift and SRAM composite brake levers

Driving Shimano rear mechs and SRAM brakes, these controls work well even with the extended cable lengths involved.


X Lite Bar and Specialized Stem

Held into the extraordinary Specialized forged stem with a shim to convert from 26.0 to 25.4mm.


Bontrager Revolt Semi Slicks

One of the first semi slicks around, these are scarred and worn and really need replacing, but with the wheels being the very old fashioned 26in size, we’re out of luck sourcing any replacements.



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