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Fit, Stretch, Wear

Stretch fabric is the saviour of the fashion industry. Adding elastic material to the fabric allows instant gratification for the customer and retailer, and allows a vast array of body shapes to fit in the same garment. The problem is, any elastic fabric wears faster. Wears out.

Our trousers aren’t made of stretch fabric. But they do stretch. In time.

Our trousers stretch in a natural way where the material gives to fit you, and the way you wear your clothes, and the way you move, just like a quality denim, and unlike stretch fabric, our 100% cotton moleskin is durable. Because when stretch fabric stretches, it wears. And not in a good way. Not in a characterful, way. In a wear-out way. Those fibres scrub together and wear and break, and that’s why we don’t use stretch fabric in our trousers. We just use the natural give of the cotton and the open way that moleskin is woven to get specific stretch to fit you.

When new, your HebTroCo moleskins might feel a bit stiff and awkward. They should feel snug. Tight even. So long as you can get them done up, they’ll give over the next few hours and days to fit your body perfectly. They’ll crease and wear with you. They’ll fit you perfectly.

You’ll wash them, and the first few times, they’ll be a breaking in time again. But after a few washes, they’ll be like that familiar friend again straight out of the wash.

We’ve been wearing nothing but moleskin for nearly a year now. We have our favourite trousers. The samples that we shot when we launched our Kickstarter campaign. We’ve done everything in them. Built our trade stands, ridden Boris bikes across London, packed hundreds of pairs of trousers, danced, laughed, drunk in them.

We hope your trousers will join you on a similar journey.

So yeah – for sure – when you get your HebTroCo moleskins they might feel a little tight. A little high. A little strange. That’s not unusual. But with time, in the first days and hours, they’ll change. And you’ll get it. Shape coming into the knees where you bend, them fitting on your hips and waist better. If you can’t do the buttons up, then they are too small. If you can pull them down with the buttons done up, they’re too big. We typically see up to 1in of stretch on the waist band over time as the fabric slackens with wear. So they should be snug on first fitting, typically we say to just allow you to get one finger down inside your waist band.

We’re happy to exchange for a different size if you’re not sure. And happy to discuss fit and sizing issues with you.

Read our sizing guide




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